Stuffie Mobile

Stuffie Mobile is a robotic platform for plush toys conceived through a co-design process with children aged 5-10. It is designed to allow a plush toy to be attached on top to give the toy the ability to move during play. The platform consists of two rear wheels driven by motors and a single omnidirectional front wheel. By controlling the direction of the motors' rotation, the platform is capable going forward, backward, and turning. To control the platform, children use a web application to program its movement. This gives them a chance to experience a basic form of programming at an early age in a casual and fun environment.


Motor and wheel
The motor and wheel used in the design. The battery holder is switched for a rechargable power bank in the final design.
Controller board
The Raspberry Pi used as the controller in the prototype. We switched to a Raspberry Pi Zero W in the final design.
An early prototype of the platform. The front wheel is switched for an omnidirectional wheel in the final design.
The underside of the platform.
Platform assembly
The platform during assembly.
Platform underside with enclosure and omnidirectional wheel
The underside of the platform with controller enclosure and omnidirectional wheel attached.
Plush toy
A plush toy mounted on top of the platform.
Example screen output
Plastic figurines on top of the platform.