COACH is a system designed for tracking student growth at Stanford Online High School (OHS) with focus on information useful for students academic progress going forward and, particularly, college admissions. It offers a single point at which college counselors can get the most relevant information about a student in a concise and meaningful format. The information is categorized into 3 main sections: Academic, Post-OHS, and Extracurricular.


academic The academic view gives an overview of the student's academic progress in the form of a course map. The dots represent a course that the student has taken, is currently taken, or can take in the future. Clicking on them reveals more information specific the course such as the title, description, and, if the student has already taken the course, the grades received or projects student prefer to share with counsellors.


post-ohs The Post-OHS section gives information about the student's plan after graduation. It contains 4 sub-sections: Target Universities, Academic Progress, Desired Majors, and Essay and Reports. Target Universities show statistical information on test scores, GPA, and acceptance rate about the universities they would like to get into. Average GPA shows the student's GPA history with relation to that of past students who were admitted to their target universities. Desired Majors show how many of the available courses related to their desired majors they have taken so far. Finally, Essays and Reports lets the students share relevant documents to the counselors such as essays or portfolio and get feedback on them.


extracurricular The extracurricular section lets the students share details about their lives outside of school. Badges show students' achievements in extracurricular activities such as clubs leaderships, athletic records, volunteering activities or internships in a resume-like format while Timeline lets the students briefly share status updates about events and activities significant to their lives to inform their counsellors and teachers, which can be something like a one-week bootcamp or a sickness that caused him to de-prioritize academic duties.